3 mei 2015

Remarkable Action

Make It Your Problem

Now that you have found a cause/issue that you are passionate about and spent some time raising your awareness of the issue and gained understanding and respect for the impacted population. You are ready to act.

There are two possible approaches. You can take immediate , relevant, and concrete (IRC) action using existing skills, possibly the same skills that you use everyday in your job, or you can take a completely different role and learn new skills.. If you do a lot of public speaking at work then maybe you can become a voice for change. If you do artwork or design find a way to be creative. If you are in sales, raise funds or pitch change. Managers could organize group action, tradespeople can paint,wire or plumb an at-risk families home. An IRC action can be very effective and efficient if you are using familiar skills, strategies and tactics.

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31 maart 2015

Join Empire Avenue Leaders NOW , the best is yet to come

7 maart 2015

Wearable technology – HOT or not?

DETart Blog

Connected technology to wear

Since a few years we see more and more wearable technology for different situations of our day by day life. Most of the new tools work in the health care market and as well in multimedia, means with photo or video support.

wearable technology - HOT or not? - ArticleThe Wearable technology offers an interface for your smartphone or tablet. Most of the Wearables are connected via Bluetooth communication with your mobile device and use the internet connection and your personal data of your device for additional information.

It starts with tracking calories and counting your daily steps but the latest gadgets do much more like pictures and voice commands.

You may wear a device on your head like lenses, on your wirst like a watch, on your finger like a ring or anywhere else as you may wich.

But first, you have to decide:

Do you like to carry technology
on your finger, head, wrist
or somewhere…

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22 februari 2015

15 Travel Apps To Log Your Globe-Trotting Trips

SoLoMo Consulting

“Wish you were here!” won’t work anymore. Now, you can share your journeys and trips with pictures, social updates, blogs and videos. Make new travel memories with your friends and family and revisit them in your travel blogs.

Source: www.hongkiat.com

I have traveled around the world a few times and have tried several travel apps. I won’t add any links here given that the writer has already offered you 15 apps which should be more than enough.

My grandparents left me extensive A3 travel diary books with postcards, sugar packages, matchbooks, menus and all sorts of cool things. I could never do that. I bought a couple of iPad diary apps and lasted about 48 hours in writing down entries which I have subsequently never looked back at.

What I did do was use Twitter and Foursquare (which has now split in two with Swarm, which I am still disappointed…

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22 februari 2015

Want to start on the social network ‘Empire Avenue’ ?? Get inspired by Robert Frank!

Want to start on the social network ‘Empire Avenue’ ?? Get inspired by Robert Frank!.

27 juli 2014

60 seconds at the Internet

60 seconds at the Internet.

28 juni 2014


DETart Blog


Another really helpful post about the usage of visual content. As you know,

I love Infographics
and their power for marketing

and here you get 12 reasons why!!
Many thanks to Jomer Gregorio who is the owner at Digital Marketing Philippines

Visual Content Infographic
12 Reasons to Implement A Visual Content Marketing Campaign (Infographic) - An Infographic from Digital Marketing Philippines

Tell me…

12 REASONS FOR VISUAL CONTENT MARKETING - DETart BlogWhat do you think about the usage of visual content? Here are my two questions for you.

 – Do you use a lot visual content?

 – Do you have a  visual content marketing strategy?

Have a great day….

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26 juni 2014

Give Someone Else Credit If You Want to Be Seen

Cperky's Blog

We all get trapped in the “credit game.” Everyone focuses on what he or she personally did to contribute to a win and ignores the parts played by others. It’s a zero-sum game, leading to people feeling unappreciated and sapping everyone’s willingness to sacrifice for a collective goal.

Break the cycle by initiating a positive one: a culture of appreciation. If you share why you appreciate someone else, he or she will likely return the sentiment.

Sharing heartfelt appreciation will spur collaboration and mend tense relationships, opening up space for real work to be done. The more unrewarded you feel, the more difficult this is to do – but the only way to get the ball to come back to you is by getting it rolling.

Adapted from “If You’re Feeling Unappreciated, Give Someone Else Credit” by Josh Baron and Rob Lachenauer.

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10 juni 2014

Tongue is Quicker than Fingers


DETart Blog

Dictation or not?

voice compass - (R)Evolution in der Kommunikation - by Detlev ArteltThis technology is around since many years and reached still not all of us. As the author of the voice compass books, I talk about speech technology since many years and I as well “eat my own dogfood“, means I use dictation on my mobile and as well on my macbook. I use this for writing longer articles or even some Email.

But as well setting my Alarm on my telephone or call some people from my telephone book on my mobile is a typical time saver and a typical job for a speech command.

With other words:

Speech is faster as the Keyboard

There are some interesting facts and calculations with this infographic which says you save 3 hours a day. But if you only save half an hour or one hour per day, you end up with a lot of time for…

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17 maart 2014

Nee bedankt! …We zijn te druk


Bijzonder om te zien dat veel mensen WEL tijd hebben om halve dagen te klagen, maar GEEN tijd hebben om rustig na te denken of om tips van anderen gewoon zelf toe te passen. Ik moest daar deze week aan denken toen ik even zat te wachten op een zakelijke afspraak.

Ik luisterde ongewild naar een gesprek dat op iets te luide toon (te) dicht bij mijn tafeltje werd gevoerd. In het gesprek werd alleen maar geklaagd. Over collega’s, over klanten, over de baas, over de regering …over alles! En tussendoor waren ze bezig om anderen uit te lachen die volgens hen allerlei domme acties op poten zetten. Die zouden toch geen succes hebben.

Ik kreeg een aantal neigingen. De eerste was om er heel hard om te gaan lachen. Ik besloot het bij een binnenpretje te houden. De tweede was om ze vanaf de zijlijn een aantal best aardige tips te…

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