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17 maart 2014

Nee bedankt! …We zijn te druk


Bijzonder om te zien dat veel mensen WEL tijd hebben om halve dagen te klagen, maar GEEN tijd hebben om rustig na te denken of om tips van anderen gewoon zelf toe te passen. Ik moest daar deze week aan denken toen ik even zat te wachten op een zakelijke afspraak.

Ik luisterde ongewild naar een gesprek dat op iets te luide toon (te) dicht bij mijn tafeltje werd gevoerd. In het gesprek werd alleen maar geklaagd. Over collega’s, over klanten, over de baas, over de regering …over alles! En tussendoor waren ze bezig om anderen uit te lachen die volgens hen allerlei domme acties op poten zetten. Die zouden toch geen succes hebben.

Ik kreeg een aantal neigingen. De eerste was om er heel hard om te gaan lachen. Ik besloot het bij een binnenpretje te houden. De tweede was om ze vanaf de zijlijn een aantal best aardige tips te…

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16 maart 2014

Week – #22a The Silence Part III A Coin for Workability

Leadership Without Being in Charge

A solution to knowing what you want, then knowing or not knowing what to do but not doing anything, anyway, may first require seeing the source of the problem.  I don’t buy the fear theory either.  I suspect the fear story only adds fuel to the fire for most people and increases the crazy. Anything that keeps the unconscious mind in charge makes the unconscious happy. Did you catch the clue?

The path keeping the unconscious mind happy may not be a workable path. Some insist we only need to retrain her. That requires hours of committed work and what if the new rules, habits and patterns, always based on some past thought process, are insufficient for your new future but especially for right now? I know you have to do something and anything is better than nothing. OH! Another way to keep the subconscious happy I suspect.


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15 maart 2014

Week – #22a The Silence Part II We are ALL Crazy

Leadership Without Being in Charge

Last week’s 48-hour excursion into the Silence, some call it “the Drift”, left me in a wonderful state.  Attempting to explain what I saw I discovered a need to explain a few things first. I have engaged in so many different ways of looking at the world, finding one silence4that explains them all may not be realistic. Will you settle for an explanation for what I see in simple to understand language?  My issue and current main concern: people, including me, want what they want and then, even when knowing what to do, do not do it! Even when doing what to do has worked in the past may be the very reason they stop doing it! Knowing ‘why’ has no power. I suspect any power available disappears with why, because and is.

In the last post, I identified five parts of what I see as formulation.  There are a…

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12 maart 2014

Week – #22a The Silence Part I

Leadership Without Being in Charge

Stopping any of my automatic habitual routines seems to knock me into ‘now’.  Last week I spent three continuous days fasting. The middle 48 hours was no talking, no TV, no emails, no internet, staying in the Silence.  My experience told me eliminating all the usual youarethedanceroutines, habits and distractions grants a more concentrated focus.

I discovered my somebody and nobody persona.

I focused on ‘out-here’ instead of the monologue ‘in-here’. I still spent my usual three hours a day of visualizing and imagining my unimaginable future, what I call what I don’t know that I don’t know.  As has happened before when I ‘returned’ many things I have never seen before that was always there suddenly appear shocking and crystal-clear.  Being ‘out-here’ NOW is the only place anything gets done! Results appear from a life lived on the court versus thinking in the stands. Knowing something in the stands…

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12 maart 2014

Week – #22a Imagination Running Wild

Leadership Without Being in Charge

We are in another ‘review’ week and I am focusing on imagination this week.

Interestingly, reading David Cain’s post today I found it perfect for my current state of mind.

The thinking mind is like a perpetually-running chainsaw that thinks everything is a tree. – David Cain

Me thinks I ‘think’ too much! Do you? imagination2

Thinking is a wonderful tool if it’s applied. Thinking, however, can not become the master. Thinking is a very bad master. If you’re dominated by thinking then your life becomes very restricted. – Eckhart Tolle

What will imagination do for you besides inventing castles in the sky?

There are no shortcuts in life – only those we imagine. – Frank Leahy

I am wondering how much imagination really takes place in the world today. The various ‘thought camps’ appear nothing more than mirror images of each other.

If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn’t…

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