Wearable technology – HOT or not?

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Connected technology to wear

Since a few years we see more and more wearable technology for different situations of our day by day life. Most of the new tools work in the health care market and as well in multimedia, means with photo or video support.

wearable technology - HOT or not? - ArticleThe Wearable technology offers an interface for your smartphone or tablet. Most of the Wearables are connected via Bluetooth communication with your mobile device and use the internet connection and your personal data of your device for additional information.

It starts with tracking calories and counting your daily steps but the latest gadgets do much more like pictures and voice commands.

You may wear a device on your head like lenses, on your wirst like a watch, on your finger like a ring or anywhere else as you may wich.

But first, you have to decide:

Do you like to carry technology
on your finger, head, wrist
or somewhere…

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