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Op deze pagina staat een keer per week een nieuwe Top Bee.


Hans: “Projectleider en Microsoft Dynamics CRM specialist (Technisch, Functioneel, Trainer, Adviseur)”

Plaats: Swifterbant
Ruud BEE ID: 329

I have experience in starting up a new company and leadership. For SCAR Dynamics I was the Competence Manager of CRM. My responsibilities were setting up the Dynamics CRM cell, finding new business and people.

In 2008 I have worked starting up iRelate as a new CRM company, so business development, sales, and of course doing CRM implementations. I have worked in the CRM world since 2005 as a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Business Consultant. I’m also a Certified Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Professional Consultant and owner of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Blog (

Since 2005 I have done several Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementations in version 3.0 and 4.0 for small/medium (Tekno, Calido B.V., TWC, i-concept, Equens, Themphos) and Enterprise (AKZO, DSM, Atos Origin, De Goudse Verzekeringen, Van Doorne, Houthoff Buruma, BinckBank, NRK) companies. My roles during these implementations are mainly Technical (Architecture & Infrastructure, Installing & Configuring) and Functional (Advising, Business Rules, Workshops, Customizations) Consultancy and Project Manager. Furthermore I’m giving Sales demos and Microsoft Dynamics CRM courses at all levels.

Expertise: Microsoft, Projectmanagement, CRM, Advisering, Training, Business Analist

Opleidingsniveau: HBO
Aantal jaren ervaring: >5

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